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How do we do fantasy sports diffrently?

We make them more realistic! By throwing away the traditional methods of fantasy sports and starting from the ground up, we have built a more immersive experience. In our fantasy Baseball leagues, you get to act as the General Manager of a team made up of your favorite players. We perform a daily simulation of a game between your team and other teams in your league. You can watch the games live (just like in real life) and receive text or email notifications about how your team is performing. In addition to this, you’ll get to make all of the decisions of a real GM. You’ll be in charge of your team’s 40-man roster , get to choose who stays in AAA or gets pulled up to the big leagues, and control all aspects of your lineup, including batting order, rotation and relievers. You’ll also be able to make trades with other teams in your league. On top this, we’ll track players real life stats over the recent past and use that data in our simulations so that they are as realistic as possible.

Why did we do this?

After years of playing fantasy Baseball on our competitors’ sites, we decided that we could do it better. We recognized the need for an affordable, realistic Sim League, and set out to deliver a superior product, unlike anything else available.

We also plan on expanding to other sports!

While Baseball is our flagship product, it isn't everyone’s favorite sport. We understand that, and are looking to expand into Football and Basketball by the 2021 season and Hockey in 2022.

Have you got a great idea for a fantasy sport or something we should add to our lineup?

Use to contact tab to send us an email. Let us know how you think we should improve, and we’ll get to work!